Cleanskin is Travelling!

Thank you to ‘stillcraic’ from Wingello, NSW, who has helped me achieve a quirky little personal goal of mine – to have a book released into the wild on BookCrossing! If you don’t know about BookCrossing, get thee hence and discover its delights forthwith.

What’s more, stillcraic tells us that s/he read my little book ‘with interest’ – what more could a writer ask for? Personally, I always try to approach a book with disdain, aloofness, or a full bag of marshmallows, but each to his own, I guess.

I’m joking, of course. stillcraic says Cleanskin is ‘nice stuff by a new poet’, but that s/he is moving and hanging on to very little, something I applaud heartily, being in constant dismay at the layers of ‘stuff’ that seem to accumulate around me.

Cleanskin was released on New Year’s Day at Gloria Jean’s in Bowral, to which I can only say Huzzah! (I like to say this at least once a month, and opportunities have been slim lately). Can’t say I’ve ever set foot inside a GJ myself, but hopefully it will go to a good home. For now, I just love that the BookCrossing entry says “This book is currently in the wild”.

Travel well, little book. Cut through that jungle with your tiny machete! Stay hydrated! Write me sometime!

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