There Is Only So Much …

… I can do for you, oh seekers of websites. I thought ahead. I know how difficult it is to spell “McKinlay”. I added variations thereof into my secret, hidden keyword thingies, thereby enabling Google to lead you here even if you search for “McKinley”, “MacKinley”, or “MacKinlay”. When Annabel, Again came out, I showed similar foresight. You will find this site if you search for Annabelle, Anabel or even Anabelle.

But there are limits. I’m sorry, seekers of websites. I’m glad you’re looking for my site, but I have to draw a line. If you search for Annibell, Annuhbel or Anabull, then I’m afraid you are on your own. Take heart, though – I have learned my lesson. This is why I have thoughtfully entitled my next novel The Big Dig. Enjoy!

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