Could This Book Sound Less Appealing?

Here’s the blurb for Going for Broke from the South Australian Premier’s Reading Challenge:

“Nathan is determined to do well and achieve, but ignores advice to plan and research.”

South Australian Premier, thank you for including my book on your list, but is this really the best you could do? I’m afraid it makes what has been described as a ‘crack-up funny’, ‘laugh-out loud riotous journey of boyhood misadventure’ sound rather like that most odious of beasts – a Book With a Lesson.

Here’s the blurb my editor and I came up with. I offer it to you, no strings attached:

Nathan is desperate for greatness.
Record-breaking greatness.
Planning? Who needs it?
Research? What’s that?
Nathan’s on a path to glory.
What could go wrong?

Just a tad more kid-appeal there, perhaps?

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