Lions and Tigers and Bears

Book Week is over for another year, which is probably just as well, as I may need the next eleven months to recover! I had another jam-packed week of storytelling, talks and 188a7-booksafariworkshops, this year at libraries and schools in the Cities of Stirling, South Perth, Joondalup and Swan. It was fun using this year’s theme of Book Safari to talk about tracking ideas: how do you recognise them as they flash past in the jungle? what do their footprints look like? what happens if you think you’re tracking a deer and when you finally get a good look at it, it turns out to be an elephant? These are the questions that keep me up at night!

If you came along to hear me talk, thanks! And I hope you got something out of it beyond an hour off school. Remember you can always email me through my website if you want to get in touch. And a big thank you too to all of you who helped me brainstorm ideas for my next Nathan, Ronnie and Weasel Lightning Strikes adventure. Wait until you see what they get up to next; at this point, this may or may not involve:

dancing Santas
garden gnomes
the Google Earth satellite

I can’t make any promises until I throw a few things into the mix and give it a good stir.

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