Premier’s Summer Reading Challenge

For as many years as I can remember, my daughter has done the WA Premier’s Summer Reading Challenge. Last year for the first time, there was a Parent Challenge too, where parents were also encouraged to read books and win prizes and that was a lot of fun, too. This year, they’ve upped the ante again, by making me a featured author. I wonder what they have in store for me next year?

As part of the Challenge, I’ll be appearing at libraries in Mandurah, Bayswater, and my home turf of Fremantle. Details can be found on the PSRC website. If you’re in the area, come along and say hello! And if you’re not in the area, join in the Challenge anyway. Your local library or school will have all the information you need and as well as the fun of reading itself, there are always some great prizes to be won.

Happy summer reading!

3 thoughts on “Premier’s Summer Reading Challenge

  1. Anonymous

    I want to come and see you at Fremantle. I saw you at the Perth Writers Festival and you were funny. You singed a book for me, of Nathan and Weasel.
    from Ethan


  2. Meg McKinlay

    I remember you, Ethan! Did you end up changing your nickname to Weasel? I would happily have singed a book for you if the thought had occurred to me. It will be great to see you at Fremantle; I bet you're looking forward to the holidays.



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