Cracking the WIP

I think every writer knows this moment, when the novel you’ve been wrestling with suddenly turns and rolls over, like a dog baring its submissive belly and says, “Yes, okay, you win. The way is clear. Go on, now.”

Ahh, I do like this.

Of course, I suspect most writers also know the moment that can follow – when the dog, having given you your brief belly-rubbing moment, leaps up and locks your wrist in a death-grip, and the dance begins again.

But that’s another story altogether (hopefully).

For now, back to work, with guarded optimism.

* WIP = Work In Progress

3 thoughts on “Cracking the WIP

  1. Kate

    At the moment, my dog is refusing to roll over. It's just sitting there with it's tongue hanging out and its tail wagging.

    Good luck with the rest of your WIP.


  2. Meg McKinlay

    Literal dog, Kate, or WIP? Or perhaps both? Our dogs are so hot at the moment they will bow to any command; if only the novel were as compliant. I think I'm almost there, though…



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