Reading on the Moon

Or rather, at the Moon. If you grow weary of the international excellence and convivial literary atmosphere that is the Perth Writers’ Festival, come up to the Moon Cafe and enjoy the local excellence and so-called ‘op-shop decor’ (to quote the West) of Perth Poetry Club.

I’ll be reading on Saturday 27 Feb, in two slots from around 2pm and there’ll also be open 52e36-moonlogoblack2mic for those of you so inclined.

I hope my legs don’t break/reading at the Moon.

Perth Poetry Club: “Where Slams Meet Sonnets”.
The Moon Cafe: 323 William St, Northbridge.

4 thoughts on “Reading on the Moon

  1. Meg McKinlay

    Thank you, my spirited friends! It was lovely to have your invisible selves there to round up the numbers (hot day, many competing events). It went well, I think, and the new stuff seemed to go over okay. The open mic was good and I met some interesting people, sold some books, and drank approximately seven glasses of water. All up, a pretty good afternoon.

    Mary, my metaphorical small steps remark was a reference to conversations Laura and I have been having elsewhere – to taking things in small bites, making your way through difficult straits without letting yourself get overwhelmed and so on.

    Standing at the mic today, I realised I should have written:

    I hope my legs don't shake/reading at the Moon



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