It Is The Words During Which Spout Out

In an earlier post, I mentioned having been told that Surface Tension had apparently received a “cracker of a review”, but that I hadn’t yet seen it. I’ve now seen it, and a couple of others too, and am so thrilled with the response this book seems to be eliciting so far.

So this is a wholly self-serving post to gleefully report on those reviews and bombard you with my favourite pull-quotes from same.

#1 From Bookseller+Publisher:

Surface Tension is a wonderfully layered story—reading it is like being gradually immersed in a pool of water as each layer of the narrative slowly washes over you. The writing is so gentle that the mystery at the heart of this book is as much a surprise to the reader as it is to Cassie, our protagonist, when piece by piece it floats to the surface before her … There isn’t a dull moment in this book.
-Bec Kavanagh

#2 From Kids Book Review:

This is most definitely on my list of favourite kids’ books so far this year.

Original, gripping, poetic, authentic – these are the words that spring to mind during and after reading Surface Tension, a book that kept me reading far longer than I should have at each sitting.

McKinlay – novelist, picture book author and poet – has created a stunning novel … I almost can’t wait for my toddler to grow up so I can share this one with her.
– Megan Blandford

For the complete review, visit Kids Book Review

#3 From the West Australian:

This well-plotted and engaging novel covers terrain not usually found in junior fiction, and will appeal to readers wanting something different, deep and satisfying. As well as writing for children, Meg McKinlay is a fine poet, and this is evident in the lyrical and accessible images that make Surface Tension such a pleasure to read.

For the complete review, visit writingWA.

#4 From The Book Griffin:

Meg McKinlay made me nostalgic for the days when I loved reading Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden … [the author] has done a wonderful job of inventing a fresh, original, suspenseful and intriguing story in Surface Tension, that will have you hooked to the very last page.

For the complete review, visit The Book Griffin.

And finally, my absolute favourite, which I think I can feel free to quote in its entirety, given that the ‘reviewer’ seems to make their living from a total disregard for copyright. This is taken from one of those sites which trawls the web for content and aggregates it into one place in an attempt to draw traffic and thereby earn $$$$ for doing absolutely nothing at all. In this case, the ‘writer’ seems to have lifted the Kids Book Review piece and jumbled it up a little to cunningly avoid detection (and coherence, it would seem). The results are very amusing, though. Behold:

It is most certainly one my list off the books off the children off favourite up to now this year. Original, taken, poetic, authenticates – it is the words during which spout out to occupy itself and after the surface tension off reading, has book which maintained reading to me much to skirt than I should cuts with each meeting. Cassy feels one the peripheries off all. Its family, her life, even its city. Supported in has very new city, the day that the old village was dammed up, Cassie always felt drawn with the lake. There has whole city to the bottom there; the houses off the people, to their lives and died and the memories all extend below. When Cassie gives up the local swimming pool to achieve its daily ritual off swimming to the lake, it does not curry out what it and her friend Liam is butt to discover. It seems that with differently, nap people cuts secrecies hidden below the surface. McKinlay – novelist, author off book off images and poèt – created year astounding! Novell which east duty-read for girls (although it is not “girlyâ€� has book, the history, the characters and the model off writing will attract girls). It off the words inspires the thought, the question and the emotions which will remain with the long readers then who final page. I almost boat await my infant to grow thus I edge divide this one with it.

Thanks, “Mickey”. That one is going straight to the pool room.

And the next time someone asks me what I do for a living, I shall reply, enigmatically, “It is the words during which spout out to occupy itself”.

Everybody wins.

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