Poetry Week

Here beginneth the second in what appears to be a biennial series. It’s my own personal poetry week, very much like the one I held back in February 2010. It’s being held for exactly the same reason: I’ve been invited to guest at Perth Poetry Club and really need some new material to read.

But more than that, I really need to work on the hundreds of fragments that have been accumulating in notebooks and files for years, the many beginnings of poems that sit quietly, waiting for my attention.

In my quest to have some of them ready for this Saturday, when I’ll be reading, I’ve identified a handful that look promising. I’m going to throw the (current) opening lines down here in order to hold myself accountable in a semi-public way. And also because I’m narcissistic like that. I did this last time, and it worked. And I’m all for whatever works, narcissism and all.

So, nine languishing first lines, plus one from a piece I scribbled at Coogee Beach yesterday:

Above, the poppet head sharpens/to a point, but it’s down we’re heading/my father and I
Well, look at you, Perth/with your new suit on
Dear Google Books/They say you’ve taken my words and turned them/into pixels
Seems we’ve found our way/to a new kind of science
The night we drowned the snails/I couldn’t see my hands
The teacher says this and then/that and all the others/take it down
There’s always someone plucked/from the crowd and so why not/her?
For so long I thought/I had invented breakfast, the very idea/of cereal
It’s no country/for old men, not these at least

Down at Coogee, girls surf the beach/in unrelenting waves

Some possibly more promising that others, as is the way of things. But I’ll hope to get 5-6 from this, and along with some older work, that should be enough for my slot.

Thanks, Perth Poetry Club for the kick-in-the-pants kind invitation. If things continue at this cracking pace, I may have enough for a new collection in another ten years or so…

If anyone is around this Saturday, March 10, and keen to hear some half-formed poetry, please do join me from 2pm at the Moon Cafe, 323 William St, Northbridge. I’ll be sharing the bill with Annie Otness, and suspect her work will be decidedly more polished. There’s also open mike, so get there early if you want to sign up for that.

3 thoughts on “Poetry Week

  1. Meg McKinlay

    Thank you! I really appreciate the encouragement. As to posting the poems, I'm not sure. I really need to start sending work out again, and if I put it up here, that complicates things. Perhaps if I just add some more lines? It does feel like a bit of a tease, though.



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