Ten Terrific Things

… about the Ten Tiny Things launch.

1. It was held in the State Library, at “The Place”, to which all visitors are greeted by a welcoming book-themed cow.

2. It featured many foods of the tiny variety – sushi, tiny teddies, and other teeny delicacies. In keeping with the theme, we understand they were gone in the tiniest blink of an eye.

3. Award-winning illustrator and known rabble rouser Frané Lessac launched the book with a DIY rocket launcher, propelling it unwittingly into the arms of Meg’s daughter, the original inspiration for the book.

4. Hilary from the State Library unexpectedly whipped the crowd into a frenzy of high fives

5. More than ten books were sold. More than ten times ten. Some people even bought ten copies each (they may or may not have been related to Meg and Kyle…).

6. The lines were long but spirits remained high. Meg and Kyle signed and signed and signed.

7. There was an exhibition of Kyle’s original illustrations for the work, which were done on wood panels.

8. There was a display of Kyle’s early sketches and notes about the project.

9. On the back wall, there were projects from the Ten Tiny Things school holiday activity, giving people something to look at while standing in line.

10. Even though it was a Thursday night and people are busy and tired and oh, I just can’t be bothered; isn’t it time we had a night in, Beryl? lots of people were bothered. Lots of people came out.

Thank you, everyone, for coming out. For celebrating the arrival of this lovely book with us.
It was a wonderful evening. It was a fantastic launch. It was the world, and you were in it.

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