We gathered, we laughed, we launched! I’m delighted (so very delighted, Amanda Betts!) to Kidogoannounce that the official launch of A Single Stone went off swimmingly on Thursday, 7 May.

Against the backdrop of a stunning Fremantle sunset at Kidogo Arthouse on Bathers Beach, a lovely host of friends, colleagues, and other possibly-soon-to-be-one-of-those-things folk ate, drank and were generally merry as Amanda (AJ) Betts launched the book in characteristically hilarious style.


There were laughs aplenty as Amanda took us on a Joseph Campbell-style “Hero’s Journey” through the gestation of the book, sharing highs and lows from the numerous emails I sent her over the years spent writing it. This culminated in the unveiling of a word cloud generated from these emails …


… which was then followed by a far simpler word cloud generated from my editor’s response to the first draft.Wordcloud2

I plan to post these on the wall of my study, as a reminder when I’m in the muddy middle of things that there will, at some point, be a morning after.

I spoke about the various seeds of inspiration for the book (if you’re interested, you can read about those here), thanked everyone I’ve ever met …


… and then got with the signing.


It was a lovely evening, in a gorgeous location, shared with wonderful friends and well-wishers. To everyone who came out – thanks so much for celebrating with me. Having not hosted a DIY launch since that of my debut novel, Annabel Again, in 2007, I was in two minds about whether to expend the time and energy this time, but I’m very glad I did. It’s even possible I will have recovered enough to do it all again in another eight years …


4 thoughts on “Launched!

  1. mirkabreen

    This was a grand party, and the addition of the word-cloud of editorial feedback took guts or a touch of madness 😉



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