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I Feel All Sparkly

Last week, I presented at the CBC’s “A Night With Our Stars“, held at Westbooks. I’ve attended this event before, but never presented, since my first novel came out only last year. It’s quite something − twenty writers, three minutes each, one insistent rattle to tell you when you’ve rambled on for too long, and on top of all this, the acute sense of strangeness at being billed as a ‘star’.

But what a great way of bringing children’s writers together with teachers and librarians and other people interested in children’s literature. I got to talk about my books (for only slightly longer than three minutes. I knew my propensity for speed-talking would come in handy some day − so there, speech therapist!), catch up with other writers, chat to teachers, sign some books, and I even found a few people who admitted in hushed tones to a fondness for poetry. I knew they were out there somewhere.

Thanks to Westbooks and the CBC for hosting this great event. Hope to see again you next year!