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Oh, Wow!

I have been planning a post with this title for some time now. I want to talk about the reactions people have had to discovering that I’m going to Japan to write a novel for adults. Oh, wow.

But the truth is that I’m leaving today – in a few short hours in fact – and as expected, all my preparations have taken much longer than expected (yes, it’s a paradox, but a good one, I think), so those thoughts will have to wait. For now, I must eat, pack, and freak out just a little, then haul myself to the airport.

So I will leave you instead with this most wondrous of things:

A new journal, from my sweeties, to fill with Japan musings. What could be better – a trip elsewhere, a long stretch of writing time unrolling ahead of me, and a brand spanking new journal?

Oh, wow.


Hey, my blog speaks Japanese!

If you can read the title of this post, come and meet me in Japan, because that’s where I’ll be very soon.

Over the last few months I’ve used various euphemisms to allude to this news: “something else exciting, yet to be announced”; “a forthcoming writing-related trip”; “a bunch of other bits and pieces”; “other news on the horizon which is the current source of both excitement and blind panic”.

It is still all of those things, the last one most acutely. But now there has been a formal announcement, so I can at least spill the edamame:

I am thrilled to be the recipient of an Asialink Literature Residency and will be spending three months in Nagoya from April-July.

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