Oh, Wow!

I have been planning a post with this title for some time now. I want to talk about the reactions people have had to discovering that I’m going to Japan to write a novel for adults. Oh, wow.

But the truth is that I’m leaving today – in a few short hours in fact – and as expected, all my preparations have taken much longer than expected (yes, it’s a paradox, but a good one, I think), so those thoughts will have to wait. For now, I must eat, pack, and freak out just a little, then haul myself to the airport.

So I will leave you instead with this most wondrous of things:

A new journal, from my sweeties, to fill with Japan musings. What could be better – a trip elsewhere, a long stretch of writing time unrolling ahead of me, and a brand spanking new journal?

Oh, wow.

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