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No Ducks in This Book (no, really …)

My fondness for ducks is no secret. Neither is my tendency to find spurious reasons to write books about them. I’ve talked here before about how Duck the First is out in the world, Duck the Second is on is way, and Duck the Third is pecking at the thin walls of my writerly sanity, begging to be next.

Now I can officially announce that Duck the Second really is on its way. That it has a contract and an illustrator and pencil sketches and a projected publication date and all of the things that mean it is really, truly, going to be a book.

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SCBWI Rottnest Retreat

Ahh! A glorious long weekend of writing, chatting, bikeriding and occasional dancing. Stats below:

Days: 3
Average Temperature: 23
Drops of Rain: 0
Words Written: Plenty. Beyond that, I can’t say, as I resolved not to take my laptop, which turned out to be a very good decision.
Novels Planned: 2
Kilometres Cycled: 67
Quokkas Sighted: 29
Speed at which I want to turn around and go right back again: Lightning

Thankfully, we are already calling it the ‘first annual’ retreat, so perhaps I only have twelve months to wait before we can do it all again.