That Was The Year That Was

It’s been another year since I started this site, and this ‘notablog’ thingy, so here is my annual recap with some stats:

1) The Good:

books published: 1
books contracted but not yet published: 3
poems published: 2
school presentations/workshops: 36
poetry readings: 3

2) The Less Good:

books written but not contracted: 2 (these are manuscripts which made the list last year; I’m still planning to revise and resubmit, though. Just as soon as I have time …)
poems written: 3 (nowhere near enough, and I have a folder full of fragments I can’t seem to see my way clear to working through to completion. This must change, soon).
unbidden thoughts about turning these semi-regular updates into an actual blog: too many

3) The Utterly Random:

references to my dog and/or breakfast cereal choices: 0
days I missed having to get up in the dark and take the bus to ‘a real job’: 0
duck-related books written: 2
duck-related books under contract: 1
duck-related books remaining to write: 1
number of days left until duck obsession is officially over: absolutely no idea

So, that was the year that was, that was. It’s been another fun year of writing and reading and talking about it all to anyone who’d listen. My challenge for this year is to complete a couple more full-length junior novels and maybe another Lightning Strike, along with my portion of a poetry collaboration I’ve been working on, then sit down and take stock of which direction I want to head in next. Being versatile is a very good thing, but sometimes the competing voices in my head become a bit overwhelming. This year I will be seeking clarity. Clarity, I tell you. And serenity. Now!

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