The Duck Has Landed!

It’s official! Duck for a Day launched yesterday, 1 May. Since I’m in Japan, which makes it difficult to serve hors d’oeuvres and sign books in Australia, it launched not so much with a quack as with a whimper, but nonetheless it should be waddling its way to libraries and bookstores near you very shortly.

As it happens, there are two ducks in my life at the moment. There’s the aforementionedca9e2-ducksmall Duck, quacky visage brought to you by the wonderful Leila Rudge …

… and there’s also this little guy, brought to you by my wonderful crocheting mother. He hitched a ride in my backpack in the hopes of seeing the world and has been 13871-duckstuffedmy faithful companion over the last couple of weeks. He has a habit of sneaking into my photos and you can see him below in a variety of poses. I have no doubt you’ll be seeing more of him over the next couple of months as he travels the length and breadth of Japan with me in search of stories, ponds, and duck-friendly chocolate.


4 thoughts on “The Duck Has Landed!

  1. Mary Witzl

    Your adventures in Japan make me feel so nostalgic, and when I got to the part about 'all you can eat Japanese food' I almost swooned. We'd do just about anything here for ikura temaki or unagi…

    I love ducks!


  2. Meg McKinlay

    Mary, I can put some temaki in the post for you if you like…
    Nagoya is all about the okonomiyaki, apparently. It was recently described to me as “Cabbage Central” – alluring! I'd like to see that in the tourist brochures. I do enjoy a good okonomiyaki, though, so I am not complaining.



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