Duck Season

Last week I posted about having submitted the draft of a follow-up to Duck for a Day.

Just after that, I experienced another of those curious alignments of which I am so fond.

It was about two years ago that I finished the revisions on the first Duck and the day after sending those off, I woke up to find a duck on my doorstep. At the time I wondered:

Is it a sign?

And if so, what does it mean?

But now I don’t need to wonder. Because the day after I finished the draft of my follow-up, I woke to this lovely crew crossing the cul-de-sac at the foot of our yard.034d8-ducklings

Not just a duck, but a duck with ducklings — not unlike a book which spawns a sequel (or three?).

So it seems that these visits must be a sign, one that’s giving a clear and very duckish nod of approval to my work.

Either that or I’ve inadvertently timed my duck-related writing cycle with hatching season. I suppose that might also be possible, although as a theory it seems decidedly less charming.

The other reason it’s duck season is that Victorian theatre company Tony Bones Entertainment is currently touring a musical theatre adaptation of Duck for a Day in venues across the east coast. As I live in WA, I’m unable to attend a performance myself, but I’m thrilled at the thought of my characters and story coming to life for kids in this way. Max as a marionette! Just thinking about it makes me smile.

2 thoughts on “Duck Season

  1. Emma

    I would LOVE to see the stage version of Duck for a Day – and in particular, the character of Mrs Melvino!!!

    Yes, I think you should take all of the above as sure fire signs that Duck 2 must be written!!!


  2. Meg McKinlay

    Hi there Emma. Thanks for your comment and the lovely review of Duck on your new website. The first draft of Duck #2 is written and submitted at this point but there is of course a long way between that and possible publication. Fingers crossed, though! If there are any developments, I will definitely update here.



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